Ministry Consulting

Ministry Consulting is your resource for everything related to your personnel operations. We can help you with a variety of people resource needs, ensure you are up to date and compliant with the latest in legal and regulatory issues, and provide professional consulting services specifically for your church or nonprofit organization.


Whatever your unique situation is, we have the expertise to help


Determine the health of your HR function, identify any gaps or establish the level of your legal and regulatory compliance. with custom audits We can help protect your ministry.


We love connecting people. Let us support you through the hiring process.


Whether you need a full employee playbook, a job description or a policy unique to your ministry, we are experts at documentation.


We can support your administrative team with background screenings, new hire paperwork and more.

Total Compensation

We can serve you through compensation setting or review, evaluating your benefits offering or even outsourcing your payroll.


Every situation is unique. Pricing for HR services is
based upon the size and scope of your project.
We can develop solutions that fit within budget.