So Big

So Big

offering Hope for expectant women
  • Denomination: Non-Denominational, Not Applicable
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  • Address: Whitestown, IN, USA
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Company Detail

So Big Mountain House Maternity Home

The Mountain House Maternity Home is located in  Whitestown, IN and can house up to four women and their children. As we follow God’s lead and see Him at work, the Mountain House has become a place where mother and child thrive, where families are strengthened, and where God’s love is allowed to transform lives.

Our Mission…
Our Mission is to bring glory to God as we connect pregnant women with resources to help break the cycle of poverty and improve pregnancy outcomes.

Our Vision…
So Big is a Christ Centered Movement that walks alongside pregnant women in need. We are establishing centers like the Mountain House Maternity Home where we meet the spiritual and physical needs of expectant women and their children. As we share the love of Jesus, God transforms lives, creating better tomorrows for the women and their families.

Our Values… 
• We affirm a commitment to conducting ourselves and our work in accordance with Christian principles, trusting in the providence of Christ and serving as a part of the body of Christ on earth.
• We believe in, submit to and stand in awe of God’s power to transform each and every life.
• We recognize the value and sanctity of every life.
• We respect and honor the diversity in the people that we serve.
• We seek to empower women, helping them discover their self-value.
• We treat all people with openness, honesty, respect and trust.